Day 3 of Synod

It is all over. Home at last, sermons to write, hangover to nurse, and just the memories to keep me warm. (We were severely and patronisingly told how to save the planet this morning so no central heating for me.)

This morning the Provincial Youth Network put on what was probably the best presentation of General Synod. Short and to the point, cheerful and full of hope, and passionate about our Church. Our own CD spoke about her love of our liturgy (the theme for Glen10) and I was bursting with pride.  I only wish they’d put on a week for us oldies.

The ‘naughty corner’ was really quite subdued this year probably because we were all Tweeting like mad. Lots of people from all over the UK and perhaps further were following the proceedings on Twitter or listening to the live audio stream on the SEC website. A global community.

Yesterday we had a visit from the Presiding Bishop of TEC, Katherine Jefferts Schori, who spoke to us about their mission and our shared history. She joined us for the Synod dinner at the Sheraton and seemed to enjoy one of the best after-dinner speeches we’ve had by Robin Angus. Robin used to be a member of my home parish St Michael & All Saints (now at St Columba’s by the Castle) and is one of the true piskies. There are not many true piskies you know, but he is right up there near the top.

So now Palmerston Place Church is left to clear the myriad of Starbucks cups, blow out the Diocesan candles and plump up the horsehair cushions. And life goes on…


2 thoughts on “Day 3 of Synod

  1. Robin was my senior man at Uni and probably the cause I did not bolt home in misery in my first term. He is endlessly clever and kind and modest, so I hope he reads this. I remember being very much moved by some of his prayers. He is also the generous and kind god-father of my youngest son.

    He and I and Meg Gilley and other like-minded friends who had been worshipping up the candle used to wait at the end of St Andrews Pier for the pier walk to arrive after chapel, and then mince down the cat-walk singing: ‘Star of the Ocean, Pearl of the Sea, pray for the wanderer, pray for me.’ and ‘Hail Mary, Hail Mary, Hail Mary full of grace.’ It always took a trick.

    (Just basking in a little reflected glory)

  2. Ahh, THAT’S the connection. I always wondered why you three were friends on Facebook! Your message really made me smile. Robin is just such a wonderful, clever and witty person – so full of grace. As soon as I was selected for training he gave me a gift of The New Women Included and has been one of my biggest supporters as I went through the process to ordination. And I know what that cost him.

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