Women’s voices

I think I picked this book up at the Christian Aid Sale and what a find. I’ve been carrying it around with me for days now, underlining bits and copying down poems and prose too good to forget.

Put together by Michele Guiness it is a series of meditations on women’s lives from birth to death and stopping off at childbirth, motherhood, sexuality and various other places until it gets to maturity and death. Not all the contributors are women but it is all about women and I found so much to ponder.

I feel a Quiet Day coming on for women and the men who love them…


6 thoughts on “Women’s voices

  1. Oh it’s a classic, Ruth – great book. Have you come across another one of a similiar vintage ‘Celebrating Women’? Some fabby stuff in there as well…

  2. A certain Robin Angus gave me ‘Celebrating Women’ as soon as I got through Selection! Don’t know how this one passed me by.

  3. Wonderful book, Ruth. And I had been dipping into it seconds before I clicked on your blog post. Couldn’t believe it. Something from it must go on my own blog tomorrow!

  4. Thanks Ruth for all the books you mention, I have enjoyed every one I have followed up on your recommendation. I did not know this one but have ordered a copy and am looking forward to reading it.

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