Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi.

Bach. Lord, enthroned in heavenly splendour.

The Jeffcoat Gloria and Glorias soar.

King James Bible. Why?

They eyes of all wait upon thee, O Lord: and thou givest them their meat in due season. Thou openest thy hand: and fillest all things living with plenteousness. Alleluia.

Dom Gregory Dix – was ever another command so obeyed?

My song is love unknown. Ave Verum. Bread and wine, the Body and Blood. Sweet Sacrament Divine. Of course.

Let us proceed in peace… and the smell of rose petals mingling with incense.

Tantum Ergo. The bell rings. With us. With us.

Hail, Redeemer, King Divine… Angels, saints and nations sing, Praised by Jesus Christ our King. Lord of life, earth, sky and sea, King of love on Calvary.


8 thoughts on “Corpus Christi

  1. Now that sounds like the Mass that I wished I was attending…I wish I knew how to restore Corpus Christi to the DNA of these parishes. It WAS part of their practice til my predecessor’s time, but now only a tiny handful appear and it’s hard not to feel I’m imposing an obligation rather than sharing a joy.

  2. Ah well, Mother K, my lot wouldn’t get it either. I had to do a low key version in the morning and then high-tail it across town in the evening to my home parish where they really do it in style. Always worth the effort.

  3. Sweet Sacrament divine. Broken for me, broken for you.
    Piano rather than organ.
    St. Francis’ Letter to the entire order.
    Gather around and then Thanks for the fellwoship (Skye Boat Song).
    This is the Body of Christ during Holy Communion.
    Incense (of course).
    Glass of wine and Pringles, the sacrament of party, afterwards.
    Small, but prefectly formed.

  4. Fr Paul, did you know that Thanks For the Fellowship was written by +Richard Holloway’s wife Jean? Just a little bit of trivia for you.

    And of course I forgot to mention the glass of wine and Pringles which we enjoyed out in the garden too.

  5. No, I didn’t! “Gather around” too, of course. They make really nice pair of songs for a small celebration. A bit short, so I didn’t start “Gather around” until I was ready to cense the gifts. Plain Pringles are de rigeur here, any other flavours are “Pringles of the Devil”.

  6. Lord enthroned in heavenly splendour (Bryn Calfaria)
    Deiss Eucharistic Acclamations
    Sequence: Lauda Sion (Parts 2 & 3 only)
    We pray thee, heavenly father (Cruger)
    Godhead here in hiding
    Christ is the World’s Redeemer (St Columba’s day not being far off)
    Procession: Of the glorious body telling (Pange Lingua)

    No rose petals 😦


  7. Fr Paul, in my house saucers are the ‘Crockery of the Devil’ and celery is the ‘Food of the Devil’.

    Robin, that sounds heavenly. But as you need a Virgin of the Parish to scatter them, perhaps none could be found? 😉

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