Vestry Day

The Vestry Away Day passed with some success, I think. The motley crew gathered in Morningside in a rather lovely meeting room with the gorgeous Mother M doing the facilitating. She was pleasantly gob-smacked at the age of our Vestry. That is, the youth of our Vestry. Of course if the three absentees had been there that might have changed things for their combined age must be about 200!

We discussed our attitudes to change; bleach (you had to be there but think OCD and you’ll know who I’m talking about); surprises and challenges; and other stuff. Then we stopped for a rather super lunch brought by the lovely Joyce, outside caterer extraordinaire. Then in the afternoon the 5 year Plan was cast asunder in favour of some tasks to undertake over the next two years. You’ll be hearing about them in the near future when we have met to decide the best way of doing just that.

There were no tears, no tantrums, no falling outs, no huffs but there was a huge amount of laughter – often at my expense. But that’s fine. They know me too well!

The Holy Mysteries sent us off into the sunshine with much to ponder, some good memories and a job well done.


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