…we have no time to stop and stare

Woman’s Hour is talking this morning about how difficult some people find just stopping and staring, enjoying real leisure time.  Many people now on their day offs just can’t relax, watch the world go by, or read a book. Owning a Blackberry, iPhone or whatever means that even in downtime we are checking emails. Is it worse for women than men? Can men go off to the football match or play a game of golf without worrying about whether the ironing has been done, or the dishes washed? Or is it just all of this generation now who can’t really relax?

I can relate to that. Day off and holidays can be a nightmare for me. The first thing I do every morning is put on my computer and check emails. I try not to answer the work ones but sometimes I just know that if I don’t I will lose track of them. This comes of having a rapidly declining memory.  And after that I know I should just go and sit down with a book but by the time I’ve read the blogs, checked out Facebook and Twitter (all of which I can do in 30 mins or less on a work day) and decided what housework really needs to be attended to, it is the afternoon and the day is almost over.

Holidays are even worse especially when you can’t afford to go off to exotic places, or even not-so-exotic places.  There may be a pile of un-read books waiting (and I mean a pile) but it takes about 5 days for me to get rid of all the stuff in my head before I can even begin to give them justice. I do plan to visit art galleries and go to the cinema but sometimes you are just too tired to motivate yourself into getting ready to go out.

So my plan is to take some lessons from Lucy Pussy. She seems to find a perfect balance between work and play.


5 thoughts on “…we have no time to stop and stare

  1. Comforting to hear a description of my standard day off, Ruth! I get so cross with myself about it, too…..Am currently working on having something I have to get out and do, ideally with a friend -otherwise the day evaporates in online frittering far too easily.
    Thankfully the dogs demand fun!

  2. Too true ~ some folks gripe at the amount of holidays teachers get ~ but each summer it takes me about a week of sleep as I am exhausted!, a further week to get out of thinking about planning, assessment etc, then a week I am usually ill (can’t be ill for 30 weeks of the year), then three weeks of annual get house sorted out, a week off, then the build up begins again! But wouldn’t change if for the world lol x PS Only 4 weeks and 4 days yipeeee x

  3. Kathryn, I too keep thinking about doing things with a friend. But that really takes some organising which I never seem to get around to doing. Must try harder!

    Jennifer, I have a friend who, as soon as the hols starts, has a blinder of a migraine which lasts about the first week of her holiday. And I don’t know how often I have been ill on holiday – I think your body just lets go too much and lets all the germs in!

  4. But if Lucy Pussy had a day off in a week of work – she’d sleep in, check mail and mess about on the internet until 2pm, doze, eat, walk round the garden, doze and check mail till 10pm, and then either go to bed or OUT. She would never, ever, ever read books, or visit galleries. She would do nothing very elegantly (or Em would).

  5. Rosemary, you are quite right. That is exactly what Lucy Pussy would do. Very elegantly indeed, except when she is chucking her load on the carpet and not outside, as I have suggested.

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