Pentecost parties

The Feast of Pentecost was celebrated in style at St Mark’s yesterday. It is our tradition for everyone to bring a birthday gift to the church so the piles of toilet rolls, baby wipes, brasso etc all piled up in front of the altar. We also had a fire drill – when else would you have one and all piled out to stand beneath the trees in the sunshine surrounded by red flames hanging from the trees as the marathon ran past us on the Prom at the end of the road. Then a wonderful birthday cake and celebration party. And as if that wasn’t enough, the choir had their first lunch at Guilliano’s at the Shore. A great day.


5 thoughts on “Pentecost parties

  1. Have started reading your Blog as I prepare to go to Cuddesdon to begin my training for ordained ministry in the C of E. I was struck as I read about your birthday gifts for the church what a lovely idea it is.
    Thanks for sharing you ups and downs of ministry

  2. Absolutely love the description of all the various presents – it took me a minute to get the birthday significance. Must put it in our church suggestion box!

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