Church Apps

Just heard on the wireless that the Methodist Church has produced an App for your phone which offers bible studies etc. If your church was going to provide an App, what would you fancy on it?

Do any of them have the Daily Office, do we know?  Karaoke hymns?

My vote would be for the Red Book. (Piskies will know it is our ‘bible’/directory.)


6 thoughts on “Church Apps

  1. Daily Office sounds good to me. I have the Methodist App for the iphone – to be honest I was a bit disappointed, it is OK to have with you if you don’t want to carry Bible or Daily Prayer etc., but it doesn’t quite feel right.

  2. I’d quite like a file of blessings for when you get asked on the hop to bless rosaries, prayer shawls, holding crosses etc. I’m hopeless at extempore prayer. Not that I’d read it from the phone but you could go to the loo and have a wee peek and memorise the gist of it!

  3. I’ve got a Rosary on my Palm Pilot. However, it goes “bleep” after each bead, which could be annoying if used in company.


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