1 Corinthians 13

I found this on another website. Author unknown, it would appear.

Even if I pack the Albert Hall with the power of my salvation message

Or my books require their own Amazonian warehouse

If the God Channel carries my healings back to back

And I make theology the sport of masses

Should I become the spider In the World Wide Web

And Google all for Jesus…but I have no love

Then I am like a dropped biscuit tin

In an empty kitchen

I am a like a bad busker in a windy street competing with a massed brass band.

And even if I can predict the future price of a billion stocks and shares

Or know the coming weather

If my wisdom knows not the limit of Oxbridge

Nor lacks the ears of those with power

If I know all the words of God for this our time

And shout them loud

…but I have no love I am nothing.

I am like a stain on the shirt

Of a crack addict

I am like a dandelion

Growing in the gutter

Of a derelict building

If I should sell my penthouse flat and

Give my widescreen TV to Oxfam

And if I walk into a war zone

Waving flags of peace

Or become the world’s best known eco-warrior

And single-handedly heal the ozone hole

And even if all this should cost my final breath…but I have no love

Then I am empty

Like the pockets of a gambler

Or the stomach

Of a starving child

Like a road laid

To nowhere

Like a life lived

For nothing


13 thoughts on “1 Corinthians 13

  1. It’s interesting to note some of the Christian celebrity sites that this has appeared on. Including, I believe, one of the top favourites for the first woman bishop in the C. of E. stakes.

    Yes, I know I’m being bitchy, but tomorrow’s my last day as a priest and I hate the lot of them.

  2. Not really. Having stayed up all night, twice in the last three days, I wasn’t really there. Anyway, nobody knew I was leaving today (except the two readers) so there was no fuss. I just pointed out, before the blessing that it was my last day and left.

  3. I simply gave them the opportunity not to have to go through the hypocrisy of pretending they gave a damn. Sometimes we have to wipe the dust off our feet even when it means not getting a farewell collection and a cheap print of the church.

  4. Will you be called MadUsedtobeaPriest tomorrow? Wouldn’t want to fall foul of the Trades Descriptions Act, now, would you!

    • Well, if you had been paying attention you would have seen that I’ve gone for MadPriestX, which fits in with my cool, contemporary, blogging superhero image rather well.

      Coming soon to a fleapit near you: MadPriestX – The Movie.

      I’ll try to get you a walk on, agatha. You could play an adoring fan or summat like that.

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