When Bloggers meet

You know how it is… someone makes a comment on your blog. You go and check out their’s. You quite like what they have to say so put it in your Blog Reader and comment every now and again. They do likewise. You get to know one another a little. Likes and dislikes. Stuff like that.

And then one day one of you gets in touch to say you are coming to Scotland and do you think we could meet? So that is how Lissa and I met up at the Scottish Seabird Centre this week for lunch, a blether and a look at the puffins. And jolly nice it was too. I suppose it is quite strange having a conversation with someone whom you have never met before but know quite a lot about.

I hadn’t been to the Seabird Centre before and it was wonderful. (Fab shop too!) 3 cameras trained on the Bass Rock and 2 other islands so we could watch the puffins and other birds nesting. Was it a shag? Oh, I can’t remember. Great place to take kids to because there were loads of interactive games and stuff, but a little pricey.  But how do you put a price on seeing a puffin?  Sooo cute. I think they are definitely my favourite ever.

4 thoughts on “When Bloggers meet

  1. The common cormarant or shag
    Lays eggs inside a paper bag.
    The reason you may see, no doubt,
    It is to keep the lightning out.
    But what these unobservant birds
    Have never noticed is that herds
    Of wanderin bears my come with buns
    And steal the bags to hide the crumbs!

    I forget who wrote it.

  2. MP, I love that. I don’t really ‘do’ poetry but that is sooo cute.

    Kimberly, not on this occasion although I have been to Fidra before. Stepped ashore and a seagull of the ordinary variety pooed on my head. I hate it when people say it is lucky. All worth while when we got to the top of the hill and there they were… puffins as far as the eye could see. My first ever sighting and what joy.

  3. Ruth, it was great to see you. I suspect that we were both a little quieter than is our norm when totally relaxed in familiar company, but it was lovely meeting you face to face.

    The author of the poem (which I too quoted when the approriate birds appeared on screen) is Christopher Isherwood (which is surprising): it is also wrong in that the Common Cormorant is Phalacrocorax carbo, while the Shag is Phalacrocorax aristotelis.

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