Lucy chills

This morning Lucy Pussy is racing through the house like a banshee and even managed to climb a window. She looked as surprised as I did when she arrived at the top of it.  We are also having a battle of wills regarding what I consider delicious cat food and what she considers muck. I sense she is winning that battle.  And can anyone tell me why the handle of my gorgeous purple patent leather Lulu Guiness handbag is so tasty when cod gourmet meal isn’t?

Sometimes, though, we just chill.

And sometimes we chill in the study on the interview chair with the Our Lady cushion.


3 thoughts on “Lucy chills

  1. Try her with James Wellbeloved white fish dry food. It even smells tasty!
    You can buy trial packs. I had a picky cat until 3 weeks ago. (she’s now in pussy heaven, alas)

  2. And where would one purchase such exotic dry food, perchance? Frankly, I think she would just like real tuna out of a can. No cat food at all. Although when the fancy takes her she will eat Go-cat but really prefers the human stuff.

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