Daffodils and crosses and Easter

The garden at St Mark’s always looks gorgeous at Easter. After the draped cross of Holy Week, the Love pixies come out very early in the morning and transform the old wooden cross into a daffodil festooned one.  Last year, after my dream of a daffodil cross in the grass, the Cleghorn and children pixies did some digging and planting and now it is looking just lovely. Strangely all the daffs are facing the big cross and the church. How do they know to do that? Anyway, here is the evidence.


2 thoughts on “Daffodils and crosses and Easter

  1. It is gorgeous, isn’t it? If the truth be known, I’m not a great flower-lover but daffs are the exception. +Brian told me on Sunday that he once planted a crocus cross and the voles/moles and mice ate them all. Or some such creatures.

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