Blogging and the Dentist

It has been a horrible week. Just horrible. I have done nothing much except take painkillers, sleep and do the bare essentials in parish work. And all because of toothache.  Readers may remember Pedro the gorgeous dentist who I had to leave because he was also a crap dentist. Now we have Vicky, the super-efficient dentist, who scares me a little with her efficient manner. She is a woman who likes to be in control and I suspect gumboils shrink in terror at the merest glance from her. A week ago I took my chronic toothache to her (and why is it always just as the weekend is about to begin that the pain levels rise?) and she removed a large troublesome filling which we suspected was the culprit. Sometimes it is hard to tell where the pain is coming from. On different occasions it seemed to be in my ears, eyes, lower jaw, upper jaw and nose. Anyway, taking the filling out seemed to do the trick. Until the injection wore off, that is, and when the dental surgery was closed for the weekend. Turned out, it was the tooth next to it or the one next to it. As my next appointment is not until next week I thought I’d try and persevere hence the week of painkillers and sleep and no work. (Along with that I also got an infected eye and had to get cream for that and a warning that I may be allergic to Lucy Pussy – oh no!)

How on earth did people manage before there were dentists?  Or did they just go and get it pulled if it gave trouble? I hate toothache and not being able to eat hot or cold or sweet – yeh, what’s that all about? How does it know that things are sweet and therefore nippy? Anyway, back to the tooth tale, I eventually went in yesterday and begged for another emergency appointment and the lovely Vicky decided to remove the filling from the next tooth. I must admit I thought it was the next one along but who’s going to argue with her?  Turns out she was right. Of course. (Although her injection didn’t work and I felt that nerve being poked – four times. Ouch.)

So my day off was spent catching up with some of the work I should have done during the week. Sorry if you haven’t been visited when you thought you ought to have been. Today I’m off to a conference on the Benedictine Spirituality of Work. The good thing is that I can eat sweet things.

4 thoughts on “Blogging and the Dentist

  1. I seem to be pestering you with cat advice, but if it does turn out to be an allergy there are tablets that you can give Lucy that may reduce the effect she’ll have on you.

  2. Teeth know when it’s Saturday, or Friday night. I know this from personal experience. You might consider, however, the possibility of trigeminal neuralgia, which can make your teeth feel as if they’re screaming, your sinuses throb and your eyes weep – in which case it comes in bursts and then goes away again, in my case for months at a time. And you get wonderful sedative pills for that!

  3. Thank you all for the advice. Mother K, I shall hot-foot it to the doc for I fear that is exactly what it is. (And take the big weal on my arm from playing this afternoon too.)

    Chris, blimey! that sounds scary. No, I think mine is just plain ol’ toothache which seems to be fine-ish waiting for the next step in filling in.

    MP, tried that with the painkillers. What a way to go! But now dentist has given my antibiotics which MUST NOT BE TAKEN WITH ALCOHOL. Had to reluctantly pass over the chalices this morning to be consumed…

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