The future’s looking good

Had a meeting last night with some of our young people who are about to be confirmed on the Feast of St Mark. It was a bit like being on Mastermind with four teenagers firing questions at me, talking over one another, and in the midst of it all sharing some of their own thoughts and answers. It fair did my head in. But you know, I was feeling pretty rough before I went (toothache btw) and they certainly took my mind off that.  In between it all were references to Glenalmond (the Province’s annual youth camp) where they all feel safe and loved and one of them reckons there is no religion at all!  When you only have a few teenagers in your church it is good that there is somewhere they can go to meet others and tune into an established network throughout the year. I take my hat off to the youth leaders who sit up all night listening to all that angst. We owe you! Big time.

But I reckon the future of our church is in good hands.  And thanks to Glenalmond for nurturing it when we forget.


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