She Who Must Be Obeyed

At long last She has arrived. We chose her last week but as she had just had a wee op she had to stay in the Cat & Dog Home for a wee while. Yesterday she graced us with her presence and already we are running around after her.

Her name is Lucy (Lucy Pussy) and she has lovely eyes, hence Lucy. She is one year old and likes to climb and lie on your bosom when you are reading. Lucy will talk to you at length – with a hint of a Siamese accent, I think.  We haven’t quite found out what Madame will eat although were told at the Home (of which we shall talk no more) that they had succumbed and given her tuna. Not KittyKat tuna – tuna out of a human tuna tin. This may be a long battle. Ora pro nobis.


4 thoughts on “She Who Must Be Obeyed

  1. Definitely a four. She is now chattering to birds outside. The beautiful purple and pink cat bed she ignores preferring lovely lilac tartan throw on back of sofa. Extrovert? Hmm, you could be right. I suspect an introvert puss would have hidden and trembled a little on being brought into a new home. Lucy Pussy checked it all out, speaking all the time, climbed the bookcase, along the window sills and then demanded lap time.

  2. She’s lovely and I definitely you have a extroverted kitty, so she will fit right into the household. Lucy, welcome, there will be plenty of cuddles and petting in your new life.

  3. She is splendid – and a very ‘smee’ face to match the voice.

    I have been meaning to thank you for your kind comments on my Passion narrative and to say how much I enjoyed the comments of Peter and Judas on Holy Week.

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