Cutting for Stone

This next book has taken days to read. This is a marathon of a book – a huge epic novel dealing with fascinating subjects and places. Cutting for Stone begins in India, moves to Ethiopia and finally to USA. It tells the story of a young Indian nun who has a relationship with a British doctor. The identical twins very nearly don’t make it into this life but somehow they survive and this book tells their tales.

The author of this book, Abraham Verghese, is professor of medicine at Stanford University, California. His parents are Indian and he was brought up in Ethiopia so you can guess where the influences come from. And I loved learning about Ethiopia and the church there, about Haile Selassie and the revolutions, about medicine at the cutting edge.

This was such a good book and I can thoroughly recommend it. I never lost interest in the story at all, even if it was a bit of a marathon.  There is stuff in here about relationships, about dysfunctional families, about separation, about religion, about folk religion, about poverty and abuse, and betrayal.


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