Alleluia! Christ is risen!

It has been a bit of a marathon this week. All told, I think I took 16 services in holy week (18 if you include Palm Sunday) and attended another two.  St Mark’s folk are not renowned for giving feedback but I think it all went well – and yes, there were some good comments yesterday.

Easter began on the beach at 7am with St Philip’s CofS. It was a bit dreich this year but the fire stayed lit and although our song sheets got a little soggy we managed to belt out a few alleluias.

We brought the fire back with us to light our paschal candle. (Via St Philip’s for bacon butties.)

By the time we got back to St Mark’s the Love-pixies had been and decorated the cross with daffodils which they undertake every year. Bless them. It is a great ministry and local folk will stop and take pictures for the next week or so.

And the day just kept getting better. The usual gang came at 8.30am for the sedate version of Easter and then by 10.30am there wasn’t an empty seat in the house. I did attempt to sing ‘the Light of Christ’ three times but suspect my pitch was a tad high by the end which was a great surprise as I started off in my boots. Must be that since I’ve stopped smoking my voice has gone up a bit. That was quite enough solo singing for one year so we all joined in the Exsultet (to the tune Woodlands) which was rather joyful with the choir and servers standing round the Paschal Candle.

After the sermon we all renewed our baptismal vows and rather  a lot of water got splashed around. (This has to be one of the most fun parts of my job!)

Finally, Thine be the Glory was accompanied to the popping of champagne corks for our Bucks Fizzes. Always a welcome end to a stupendous day.

My thanks to the faithful few who came in and helped clean and decorate the church. (Where were the rest of you?) My thanks to the Organists and choir who really pulled the stops out and made the building shake. My thanks to the servers who have been at my side throughout it all and working so hard. My thanks to Junior Church who bought me my only Easter egg.

And now I sleep and read. But it was good, huh?

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