Maundy Thursday report

The day began with the Chrism Mass in the cathedral, our mother church. Some new canons were installed. I shall let it be known here and now that I wish to be made a canon, purely for the extra layer of clothing they get to wear in the coldest building in Christendom. And yes, I was coveting that little purple number that Canon Pam was sporting. We did have a bit of a dilemma when Canon Malcolm was coped with a flourish… pony tail in or out?  We couldn’t find the rubrics for that anywhere. Canon Malcolm said he’d have been more comfortable in leather. Bless!

New hymns this year which I suspect had something to do with a certain new curate there. We even had a modern one!  And the priest next to me had his hand in the air. I know! Shocking, isn’t it? So while that was a welcome change, the same ol’ Britten Missa Brevis was not. OK, so its the only mass setting in the world written for little people but come on! I loathe its plinkety plinkness.

Got my oil in a miniature gin bottle again because I forgot to purchase new receptacles.

Lunch followed and a catch up with the clergy we only meet once a year then I was commanded to give one old priest a lift home. Always a pleasure 😉  Then off to the hospital for a little pastoral visiting and weeping. Just home in time to gather my belongings and head off to church again for our marathon that is Maundy Thursday.

We gathered for a meal (with wine, thanks to Fr John W’s comment last year) and sang and listened and tootsies were washed and snogged.  The altar was stripped and the Garden of Repose looked wonderful. This was the first year my little pixies did it for me and I had no hand in it. They did a wonderful job of it too. Photos will follow.


10 thoughts on “Maundy Thursday report

  1. Sorry – the title of Coldest Church in Christendom belongs, quite unequivocally, to Holy Trinity Dunoon. I have never worn so many layers as I did to survive last night, when it was 0ºC outside as we left.

  2. Why don’t you get the diocese to commission a new trebles mass setting specially for the Chrism service and other diocesan events?? Maybe from someone like Bob Chilcott?

  3. Great idea martin. Guess we’d better start fundraising. And who is Bob Chilcott?!

    Agatha, yes thermals are a great idea when it is scorching and sunny outside. Oh hang on, we could take them in our vestment carriers then all strip off to our underwear in the Chapter House, put on our vests and long-johns and re-robe. perfect!

  4. Hadn’t realised it was scorching in Edinburgh this week, I can still see snow in my street. Perhaps, like Crowded House, you take the Weather With You.

  5. Bob Chilcott was one of the original Kings Singers and now an established composer. Really nice accessible music too – an excellent suggestion but probably not esoteric enough to warrant a cathedral comission. Agree totally about the Britten – you know that bits of it are supposed to be car horns in rush hour London?!

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