Palm Sunday part 2

It was our Family Service yesterday and the children usually do most of the service, ie readings and intercessions. Kind Rosemary Hannah wrote a special version of  Luke’s Passion narrative for young people and three of them did it beautifully. They had rehearsed it lots beforehand and it was really well done. I was moved and very proud.  And as I stood there listening I noticed one of our little ones watching them speak as if at Wimbledon – you know, head back and forth as each one spoke. She was so engrossed and as the narrative continued her face became more and more anxious until she ended up holding on to her mum for comfort.  Mum told me later she’d asked, ‘Why did he have to die?’

It all more than made up for the lacklustre procession round the garden. I do sometimes wonder why we bother.

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