The Crocus Cross

Last year I had a vision. I had a vision of a cross of daffodils in the church garden.  But this was beyond my capabilities – remember, I am a city girl not a gardening girl. So I spoke to Amanda who knows about such things and she said she’d do something.  So last Harvest day the children all went outside and did some digging and planting and kept it a secret from everybody else.  But I never forgot. I never forgot that underneath the snow and the frost and now the grey-green grass there lie some daffodil bulbs waiting to be born.

Today I noticed at home that the leaves of the daffodils are just starting to break through the hard ground.  I wonder if we can see the cross yet, I thought. And lo! What joy for Laetare Sunday indeed. For what Amanda didn’t tell me was that she had planted some purple crocuses too and they have just started to show.  Another week and they will look glorious and the daffs should be here for Easter. But in the meantime here is a peep. Can you see them?


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