Time out

Took some time out today to have coffee with R who is going through the process of selection for ministry. In sharing my story it has made me think back to those days of uncertainty and scariness. One of the hardest things must be when you really believe you are called but the process doesn’t think so.  How that didn’t happen to me, I’ll never know, but it did happen to friends.  It is a long and soul searching process and there really is no choice but to be brutally honest – to be yourself.

R has to start thinking about why she wants to be a priest in the Scottish Episcopal Church. Why this wee church?  Good question. For me it was probably its eccentricity, liberal attitude, Scottishness, great liturgy, and that you can practically get to know every single Episcopalian – or at the very least each ‘type’.  You didn’t know there were types? Oh yes.

Over to you…


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