Stop and smell the daisies

My wee car had to go for its MOT this morning. I wasn’t unduly worried as it seems to be trundling along quite nicely, thank you very much. So, I dropped it off at the garage, walked to church for Morning Prayer and then took a meander along the High Street to visit M who has just had a cataract removed.  I realised as I pottered along looking in the shop windows that I don’t do this often enough. Usually it is a quick drive down, find a parking space and nip into whatever shop I want and then back in the car and off again. Must do this more often, I thought.

Whilst at M’s I got the phone call to say that the car had failed. Not just failed, but failed on five things!  Brakes, steering – the lot. I may get it back tomorrow. My heart is heavy – my wallet will be light.

The bus stop said that there wasn’t another bus for 23 minutes so I decided to walk home. (I really wish I had put more clothes on this morning.)  But again I got to look in gardens and say Good Morning to neighbours who I haven’t seen for ages. Mind you, the whole procedure took me almost four hours. Four hours for one pastoral visit. It will never catch on!


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