Jesus Laughing

Once a month the local clergy meet for coffee and a blether in the Old Parish Church’s cafe.  I don’t always go but today I had to return a minister’s hat (don’t ask) and I also had heard that the church was hosting an exhibition of paintings called Jesus Laughing.  I’m sure we were told that some relative of George Macleod (of Iona fame) had been given funding to travel round the world asking native people to paint pictures of Jesus laughing.  The Parish church didn’t have them all up but I see from their website you can borrow them or download the pictures yourself.  And I think more have been added to it since 2007 as I saw a beautiful icon which I can’t find on the website.  There was also a recent painting of a very sad face from Palestine with the message that they just couldn’t paint Jesus laughing about their situation.

I think all of them were quite startling. Some because they were native representations and not what we are used to in Western Art. Some because we are not used to seeing images of Jesus laughing.

This first one was one of my favourites. Not because it is a particularly great painting but because I rather like the image of Jesus sitting while the woman at the well stands above him.  (And his smile is not a dirty great grin which some of them had.)

The second is the Scottish version which is Juggling Jesus, seen from the back so as not to compromise his appearance.

The third apparently is a favourite amongst the gay community. I don’t know why. It is called Joyous Jesus.


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