10 thoughts on “Knitted Last Supper pattern

  1. Hi,

    I want one of these last supper sets. The makers of these wonderful little images must be really talented. My Gran once knitted a duck for me but it is nothing to compare with these.

  2. Last year on Good Friday I did Stations of the Cross for children in the morning. This year I think we will do Maundy Thursday for them – foot washing, explain the stripping of the altars, and use these as a visual for the Last Supper. They are glorious.

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  5. Hi RevRuth – just stumbled across your site whilst looking for pictures of a knitted last supper scene, for Mother-in-Law, who’s a retired clergy wife! Also found your pattern which we’ve printed off – many thanks for sharing it.
    Hope you have a blessed Easter.

    • HI Helen, My past little flock made it up for me and we had it in church on Thursday night at the door. Much admired! Rx

  6. Have just been on a cruise and met a lady
    who told me about this Last Supper pattern. I would like a copy please. Jenny Alton Hampshire

  7. HI Rev.Ruth. Thanks for this, I’m organising an Easter Art Expo where we’re getting community groups to engage creatively with the Easter story, and some of my senior parishioners weren’t sure how to get involved… this will be right up their alley.!! Thanks so much. Rev. Jude Benton, Victoria Australia.

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