The Brick Testament

When I was a student in Tisec I had to go the Tisec flat once a week for prayers. This involved getting up at about 5am to get two buses and then have a long walk through the Meadows to get to the flat. But the Principal thought it was very important that we prayed as a community. (Actually she wanted me to do it every day but I drew the line at that.) It would have been nicer if she had let me live in the flat but that’s another matter.

The students in the flat were all guys. After we had prayed together we’d sit round the dining table for breakfast before heading off to New College. Beside the dining table lived a box of lego. An enormous box of lego. What fun we’d have designing churches, sanctuaries and cathedrals. The boys were definitely better at it than me, but then they’d had more practice. I was more a Meccano kinda girl.

I was taken right back to those halcyon days when E & S sent me a link to The Brick Testament.  There you will find loads of bible stories in Lego. There is even a Last Supper which is not quite as good as my knitted one, but fun all the same. Check it out – you won’t be disappointed.


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