Praying in Lent

I have just finished reading Sister Wendy on Prayer.  It is a lovely looking book with well-spaced type and beautiful colour illustrations of some paintings to which she refers. The beginning of the book is actually about her life by David Willcock. The part about prayer is deceptively simple and accessible to all seeking reassurance about or guidance for their prayer lives.

Here is a wee quote regarding Lent:

In Lent, how much easier to give up wine or chocolate than seriously tackle our impatience. A friend of mine who was prepared to fast most rigorously in Lent was horrified when I suggested daily mass and half an hour’s prayer instead. That she shrank from, compared to the athletic glory of a penitential fast. It is always not what we do, but why we do it. And our motive must always come from fixing our eyes solely on Jesus.


4 thoughts on “Praying in Lent

  1. I worried a good number of people the year I took up going to daily prayer of some variety for Lent in the Cathedral I attended regularly in my early 20s. Especially the early services…

    Then, I reverted to “normal” – Sundays and special days, and if there was a service on and I was passing the door. I worked evenings, all that early morning prayer wasn’t the best way for me.

    All through that time there were an extraordinary number of kind people checking I was OK, and were things going well?

    Eventually, it dawned on me to explain I’d been doing the extra for Lent. Cue several embarrassed vergers who’d never thought of that as a possibility, and had just been concerned for my mental well-being!

  2. But isn’t it heartening that people cared enough to ask? Especially in a Cathedral where you can easily slip by unnoticed. (Sorry Cathedral folk!)

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