C’mon Bloggers

Just talking to Fr Kelvin and we had both noticed that bloggers are not blogging as much these days. I suspect it is because of Facebook and Twitter. Those little amusing bon mots tend to be Facebooked or Tweeted rather than blogged.  This is a great pity and we mustn’t forget that blogging is a great tool of mission.

So… my plan is to do a daily blog in Lent. It might not be much, and it might not all be original, but there should be something.


6 thoughts on “C’mon Bloggers

  1. I’d just been thinking this week that I missed blogging a bit, but as I am on maternity leave from Church employment nobody would want to read the daily rants of a mum with 3 kids! But I did get a letter today having given a hospital feedback and was thinking about your experiences..

    I think, as you say, there are so many other online places that we interact that a blog can make you feel a bit vulnerable. My personal rants go elsewhere online at the moment where I know all the readers.

    Yoblog may start limbering up in the next few months ready for my return to work! Or I might feel forced to comment on the March Diocesan Synod agenda…

  2. It’s not an excuse but things have been somewhat hectic here too, however of late I have been posting a bit more often and like you intend to post every day during Lent, well intend to at least.

  3. Yes, echoing Raspberry Rabbit: uni keeps me busy, and all my words seem to go towards essays and presentations and assignments.

    However, I too intend to post every day during Lent. It won’t be original writing, but a daily offering of poems and prose and things which help turn me towards God and reflect on the season. . . .

  4. The problem with blogging is that you do need to have something to say! which isn’t always true for me, – I can witter with the best of them (and do indeed witter on twitter!) but the blog used to be somewhere reflective and meaningful, back in the halcyon days of curacy when I actually had time to reflect.
    I’d really like to re-engage with it as a Lenten practice, though – so perhaps I’ll attempt to join you.
    Not promising, mind…

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