Hospital Success Story

Readers may remember that some time ago I had cause to complain to the local hospital after my father was admitted with a suspected heart attack.  Hygiene, lack of ‘old fashioned’ nursing, and other issues were raised.  The Patient Liaison Manager did get in touch and offered to meet with me to discuss the matter and that meeting was today. I met with a manager from A&E and Combined Assessment of Lothian hospitals, someone high up in A&E or Nursing, and someone from Patient Liaison.

I just want to let you know that the meeting was a great success. All the issues had been addressed and I was pleased that they had taken it all so seriously.  A&E staff are even getting further training in working with people who have dementia.  No excuses were given – just hands held up and apologies made that they are trying to make sure it doesn’t happen again.  The grotty floor has even been replaced!

They also stressed that they were pleased to get my letter and to meet and discuss it too.  It had allowed staff to see how they were perceived by patients and relatives and I was told they were horrified.

So, to those who said I shouldn’t have written and that I was a thoughtless daughter, can I merely say that the hospital did not feel the same. In future if you have any concerns you should speak to the Duty Care Manager at the time or write to Patient Liaison as I did. They are always looking at ways to improve.

6 thoughts on “Hospital Success Story

  1. Well that’s a good result – all the stress during the whole event and the agonising about pointing out the shortcomings was well worth it. If you don’t tell somebody then nothing will improve.

  2. My mum, God rest her soul, was a great one for phoning up to praise shops and other places when something went right. The sad thing is that people were often suspicious of her motives!

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