Knitted Last Supper

I came across this lately – a knitted Last Supper.  We, at St Mark’s, have a knitted Nativity (doesn’t everyone?) but I must admit that a knitted Last Supper would just be the icing on the cake.  What I can’t find is the pattern so if anyone out there has seen one…

Now to try and figure out how to fit it into Maundy Thursday’s liturgy…

13 thoughts on “Knitted Last Supper

  1. I can’t quite see how to fit it into the liturgy, but it would be interesting to speculate on how each of the disciples was thinking during the supper. Who had booked the room and ordered the food? Did Matthew, the former taxman, look after the money? Was Thomas generally a doubter? We know what some of them said and did, but what about those of the twelve even whose names we find harder to remember and have to count on our fingers to fit in? And what on earth was in Judas’ mind? Enough speculation there for the whole of Lent, let alone the last few days.

  2. I hope that this helps: I’m no knitter so it’s double dutch to me

    Basic pattern for Biblical Figures

    8ply (20g balls): 1 ball each of colours used, maybe extra brown and black for hair and beards

    2 balls of Cream

    3 balls of Flesh

    One pair 3.00mm knitting needles, or the required size to give correct tension

    Polyester filling

    5cm circle of stiff cardboard for each figure

    Fabric glue

    Knitter’s needle

    Figures: approx 15cm high.
    Tension. These items have been designed at a tension of 26 sts and 36 rows to 10cm over stocking st, using 3.00mm needles.

    Alt: alternate
    beg: begin, beginning
    cm: centimetres
    cont: continue
    dec: decrease, decreasing
    foll: follows, following
    garter st: every row knit
    inc: increase, increasing
    include: inclusive, including
    K: knit
    ‘M1’ (make 1): pick up loop which lies before next st, place on left-hand needle and knit into back of loop
    tog: together.

    NOTE: All pieces are worked in stocking st unless otherwise stated.

    Using 3.00mm needles and robe colour (stated for individual figures), cast on 35 sts.
    Work 20 rows stocking st.
    Shape waist. Next row. (K3, K2tog) to endà28 sts.
    Work 11 rows.
    Shape neck. Next row. (K2tog) to endà14 sts.
    Purl 1 row.
    Change to flesh colour and work 2 rows.
    Shape head. Next row. Inc in every stà28 sts.
    Work 13 rows.
    Shape top of head. Next row. K1, (K1, K2tog) to endà19 sts.
    Purl 1 row.
    Next row. K1 (K2tog) to endà10 sts.
    Break yarn, thread end through rem sts, draw up and fasten off securely.

    With right sides of work facing, pick up and knit 35 sts from cast on edge, using same colour yarn.
    Knit 2 rows. Purl 1 row.
    Shape base. Next row. (K3, K2tog) to endà28 sts.
    Purl 1 row.
    Next row. (K2, K2tog) to endà21 sts.
    Purl 1 row.
    Next row. (K1, K2tog) to endà14 sts.
    Next row. (P2tog) to endà7 sts.
    Break yarn, thread end through rem sts, draw up and fasten off securely.

    ARMS (make 2 pieces)
    Using sleeve colour – cast on 6 sts.
    Work 2 rows.
    Inc one st at beg only of next 6 rowsà12 sts.
    Work 4 rows.
    Change to flesh colour and work 5 rows.
    Shape base of hand. Next row. (P2tog) to endà6 sts.
    Break yarn, thread end through rem sts, draw up and fasten off securely.

    To make up
    Join body seam from centre of base to neck edge. Glue card circle in base and stuff body firmly. Stuff head firmly, then sew up head seam. Run a gathering thread through first row of flesh colour on head, draw up to shape neck and fasten of securely. Join arm seams, leaving shaped edge open. Stuff firmly, then position and sew onto body. Embroider features as follows: fastening off ends of yarn at back of head, count 9 sts up from neck edge in centre of face and work 5 sts in flesh colour over one knit st to form nose. Work French knots in black for eyes, leaving 3 knit sts between, work 2 straight sts in red for mouth. If desired, blush cheeks lightly with red pencil.

    Make loops by winding yarn around pencil 3 times. Sew loops tog securely then slip off pencil. Darn the yarn ends into the figure securely.

    Cut a length of yarn, 4 times required finished length, and knot end tog. Fix knot to a surface with a drawing pin (or get someone to hold it), pull yarn taut, place a pencil in looped end, twist yarn tightly. Bring looped and knotted ends tog and let cord twist. Knot ends and trim.

    • I googled, and found this in among nativity sets.

      I think that even I could make knit rolls, though how about buying those nice little pom-pom things they sell in craft shops: as for the goblet, improvise.

  3. Even I would draw the line at a knitted crucifixion. But knitted Last Supper… hmm… for teaching with the little ones, perhaps?

  4. I am desperately looking for someone to knit a baby Jesus for me…a teacher I work with has the nativity set but no baby for the crib-I am leaving my job in July and would love to be able to give her one as a leaving present…anybody out there willing to knit me one? Please please pretty please….

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