Bread and Bloggers

I’ve always wanted to learn how to make bread. I don’t think we ever did it at school and mum was a working mum so it was a loaf of sliced white or do without. This has led to a kind of envy of the folk who produce little brown loaves smelling of … well, it must be heaven, mustn’t it? And it is not really the kind of thing you can learn from a book either – all that kneading doesn’t lend itself well to pictures. I hear it is a great stress reliever too so that’s another reason to learn. And its never too late to become a yummy mummy either.

I did have a bread-making machine once upon a time which was lovely and all that, until Son #1 begged for it and it disappeared in one of his many abodes. But its not the same, machine-bread. I want the whole experience.

So, somehow, via a conversation on Facebook, via an email, and via a blog, Mother Kimberly has offered to host a Bloggers and Breadmaking day at the Rectory in Dunblane on 6 March beginning at 10am.  They are going to teach me and the other experts will swap recipes.  What fun!  So pop over to Mother K’s at Wonderful Exchange and let her know if you’re interested.  (Bloggers only!)

2 thoughts on “Bread and Bloggers

  1. Bread making is a wonderful thing to do… very stress-releasing kneading dough. And you are right: bread-making machines are not the same… in fact, they are anathema. Have a brilliant time x

  2. I have made bread most of my adult life. I have very small hands so I don’t shun the bread-making machine. I use it for the first kneading and raising, but I do the second kneading and shaping by hand, and then cook it in the oven. The experience of doing the whole thing by hand is great, but not with a job to go to or bread to make every day.

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