First woman bishop?

At this very moment the Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway are electing their new bishop. There are three shortlisted candidates: Alison Peden, Gregor Duncan and John Applegate.

All morning the BBC has been broadcasting the fact that we may have our first woman bishop.  It is always good for the SEC to get a bit of publicity.  What surprised me, however, is that they got some bloke from England to comment on the woman bishop thing.  They haven’t even got their act together yet so why comment on us?

2 thoughts on “First woman bishop?

  1. I have never got the debate about women bishops: once you have got over the idea that women as well as men can be ordained priests (apostolic succession and all that), what else is there to discuss?

  2. Lissa, I couldn’t agree more, but from what I (dimly) understand is that the problem is that too many folk have *not* got over the idea of women’s ordination.

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