The Road and other things

I don’t really make New Year Resolutions but I did plan of a little more reading time this year and also some family time together. I’ve learned that you really do have to diary it in to make it happen.

This week sons #1 and #2 and I went to see The Road. #1 had just finished the book by Cormac McCarthy and #2 liked the actor playing the lead role. I didn’t expect much except some time together, albeit sitting in a row not speaking to one another but sometimes that’s the best way! It is a bleak film in more ways than one. Post-apocalyptic world where a boy and his father trek across America trying to reach the coast. I’m not exactly sure why but think it was in the hope that there is a better world there with no cannibals and armed rebels roaming around. There’s not a lot of dialogue but there is a lot of dirt and darkness and hunger. I guess the film is really about the father/son relationship and how we can change or learn from the young. #1 and #2 had very different responses to the end which I won’t share just in case you are all going to go and see it on the strength of this review – one said he was glad it had a kind of happy ending, and the other was convinced the boy was going to be eaten. That kind of sums up my boys. One ever the optimist and romantic and the other… well, what can I say about #1 (yes, you guessed correctly)? Perhaps I’ll leave it at that.

I have just finished Sacred Hearts by Sarah Dunant which had been on my wish list for ages and then I grabbed a copy in Borders sale.  There are nuns galore and visions and anorexia and subterfuge and herbalism galore. I loved it.

Also read Shadowmancer by GP Taylor. For some reason I think this was written by a vicar and is primarily for children but like Harry Potter etc is a good romp for grown-ups too.  This one has pirates and darkness  and folklore and was a quick read. (Not as good as HP though.) Youngish teenagers would like it, I’d think.

I’ve now started The Handmaid’s Tale which just might be our next book group read…

6 thoughts on “The Road and other things

    • We now have 2 Kindles as we discovered we were not good in sharing!!! It is a wonderful invention. I will always purchased regular books but you can’t beat putting your library in your purse. It is very easy to read unlike reading off a computer.With Dick being in the hospital so much lately it has been wonderful for the long hours of waiting. I have the Bible downloaded and can call it up anytime.Love it!!!

  1. Almost nothing beats the sensual pleasure of books – the touch, the smell, the sound of the turning page… kindle is okay but part of the pleasure of reading is the printed word on paper, seeing the journey you make with the book – why’d I stop reading there and crease the page… why’d I underline that phrase or sentence. I love the ways you interact with a book as opposed to sommat on a screen. It’s why kindle will never be used by me apart perhaps from text books if necessary. Books in paper also rest my eyes from computer screen which is also a good thing sometimes!

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