Mary’s Meals in Haiti

From John and Jane Helliwell…

This is the latest from Mary’s Meals (from the web site) for information.

The long-suffering people of Haiti now face a new tragedy and they are going to need our help to recover from it.  A large earthquake has struck the capital Port Au Prince and surrounding area.  It has caused widespread damage and loss of life. The shanty town slum, Cite Soleil, is one of the worst affected places.

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere and the majority of the people live in terrible poverty.  Mary’s Meals has been working in Haiti since 2006 and we provide meals for over 12 000 children in schools in Cite Soleil, Gonaives and Hinche.

We have just heard that our friends and partners in Cite Soleil are safe and we are now busy working out how best we can start helping.  Our priority will be to re-establish school feeding as soon as we can.  We also want to respond to the many other needs caused by this emergency.  We need your help to do this.

Thank you.


Make a donation, arrange a fundraising event, tell friends and family about this appeal, pray for the suffering people, put a link on your Facebook page.

Click here for more information.

2 thoughts on “Mary’s Meals in Haiti

  1. Thanks for the timely reminder, Ruth. I often look across the valley to the smoke rising from the community’s chimney and say a prayer of thanks. They came to take a very special candlelit nativity at the local church just before Christmas. The church was overflowing.

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