Big Brother

Confession time, dear readers.  I watch Big Brother. I have watched every Big Brother and practically every episode thereof.  You may scoff. Indeed I can hear your scoffs from here. But I watch BB, not because of the Reality Show aspect or the ‘Celebrity’ status of some of the housemates, before or after the show.  No, I watch BB for the purpose of watching people interact. You may remember this was the reason for the first ‘experiment’ which had much more of the psychology than it does now. However, that doesn’t stop me watching it and doing my own ‘psychology’ on it.

You see, I love watching people.  I love sitting in a cafe or out on a pavement (preferably in Italy) and watching people. I love wondering about their stories: who they are; what their background is; why they behave in a certain way; what their hopes and fears are; and how different they are from me.  I love the fact that we are all different and why some of us act one way and some act another way.  It is fascinating stuff.

So getting the opportunity to watch a group of diverse people put together in a house to get along (or not) is heaven for me.  What made that person so sensitive?  Why is that person such a bully?  Why don’t they listen to one another?  Of course it is easy to see the solutions when you are sitting in your armchair. Not so easy, I guess, when you are in the midst of it all.

This week the last Celebrity Big Brother has begun.  As is often the case, I haven’t heard of many of the celebrities but this year they do seem to be really out of my ken.  In fact I’d only heard of two – Vinny Jones who I believe used to like kicking things and Stephanie whatsername who is an actress who used to be on that programme that came after Dallas which I never watched but my mum did.  However, this year I think the most interesting character to watch is going to be Stephen Baldwin: actor and evangelist.  There have been Christians in the house before, most famously Cameron Stout from Orkney who won it one year.  But while Cameron was a quiet, not shove it down your throat kind of Christian, Stephen is a different kettle of fish altogether.  Stephen has a murky past but since he discovered Jesus his life has been transformed.  On going in to the BB house his condition was that he got to read his bible for an hour every day. (Books are never allowed in BB.)  Of course the editors are going to make much of this footage and indeed the other night we had Stephanie reading some OT while most of the others sat quietly and listened.  (Only 2 women were having a bit of a snigger in the bedroom.)

I wonder how long this is going to last. Indeed I find it fascinating, as well as my own feelings on the subject. For example, why did I think that if I were in there I would probably want to be with the women in the bedroom. Stephen is very enthusiastic and vocal about his faith in that American evangelical kind of way.  How long before politeness changes to criticism? Or indeed, conversion? Is this Mission we see before us?

I’ll keep you posted.


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