Good food, good wine and good company

Dinner last night at a good friend’s and met some old friends and maybe made some new ones. I have since been reflecting on the topic of blogging and how you can meet someone who knows more about you than you do about them merely because they read your blog. It is quite a strange place to be, but not unpleasant for an attention seeker!

It also occurred to be that I do enjoy dinner parties but of course never hold them myself. That would be because I don’t really cook. I heat things up terribly well but I’ve never had the urge or time to learn how to cook. Thankfully Son #1 does not take after me in this respect.  When in the mood he cooks with passion and glee. (I clear up very well. – we each have our gifts.) The other problem about entertaining on your own is that you spend time in the kitchen when you could be sitting blethering with people which is much more fun. Couples do it much better. I can do lunch. Well when I say ‘lunch’ I mean soup, bread and cheese with fruit.  In summer I have been known to throw in a pretty coloured salad. That is the extent of my repertoire. Not great, huh?

Of course last night’s dinner was sublime, in particular the creme brulee and the conversation. Not to self: no wine the night before Mass in future. I know this, so why had I forgotten?  Off to lie down now with a jolly good read.  See you in the next year!

2 thoughts on “Good food, good wine and good company

  1. Hope you have made some new friends (us). Interesting point about blogs, a bit like being a royal? Or a stylite, perhaps St Symeon Stylites is the patron saint of church bloggers?

  2. Thanks for commenting Steve and welcome!

    Not sure about being considered ‘a bit royal’. They are usually well behaved and I can’t say the same about myself!

    Like the idea of St Symeon Stylites as a patron saint but he is a bit austere for me.

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