Hogmanay service cancelled

In light of dreadful weather forecasts I am making the decision now to cancel the End of Year service on Hogmanay at 11.30pm.


14 thoughts on “Hogmanay service cancelled

  1. I would say ‘coward’, but, having attended Midnight Mass, I bottled out of driving two and a half miles of hilly skating rink to the next village for Christmas morning communion. So instead I’ll say “wise decision”.

  2. Well the forecast here was for a little shower this evening so my sister and I set out to the cemetery in a nearby town this morning. The snow came thick and fast, the traffic came to a standstill, the hills were too dangerous to risk… It wasn’t even forecast! They are saying there is to be snow on the 31st so I figured it was wise to make the decision now. (And save me putting a service together too!)

  3. Sensisble decision.

    I had nothing planned till the evening of the first. It will be a quiet evensong followed by eucharist if there are enough people.

    But it occurred to me too late for this year: we should do a blessing of the diaries. Just imagine all the ooohing and aaahing as we compare the virgin pages.

  4. Mine are: Parsons pocketbook, new Filofax in purple given by Junior Church so expected to be seen to be in use, Google calendar, Blackberry Google calendar, and calendar in Outlook which i haven’t imported yet because i don’t know if i can. How about you?

  5. You’re brave to want details.

    1. the latter half of August’s academic diary (pink, spiral bound. It’s days are numbered)
    2. spiral bound week-to-2-page in lovely ivory paper from Jn Lewis which was supposed to be this year’s.
    3 & 4. The month-to-view and week-to-view which act as planning diaries along side it.
    5. the slightly pretentious looking ‘paperblanks’ week-to-view diary that also has the alternate format month-to-view pages at the front that hopefully will allow me to do away with numbers 1-3.
    6. iphone
    7. google
    8. church google
    9. the one that links ical and google, the name of which I forget.

    I seem to go in phases of what works best for me. But in the end, I’m a visual thinker, and it always comes back to paper.

  6. Blessing of the diaries!! How wonderful! But can it please be in September?

    Or, to be inclusive, how about one for the beginning of each year – academic year, church year, calendar year, tax year – okay, that might be excessive.

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