Boy Bishop

There is an ancient tradition that at this time of year a Bishop may change places with a boy, usually from the Cathedral choir.  The boy was dressed up in mitre and cope and processed through the streets on 6 December, Feast of St Nicholas (the patron of children) and his authority lasted until 28 December (Feast of the Holy Innocents).  As it was our Family service today I thought it might be fun to revive this tradition have a Boy Priest who could change places with me, dress up and lead the service while I wore my hoodie and sat playing my Nintendo in the congregation. What fun!

Even more fun when our own resident retired bishop brought in one of his old mitres and crooks and so J was bedecked in full regalia and became not just Boy Priest, but Boy Bishop.   He was very good and carried a certain authority about him which everyone took to immediately.  In short, he was a star!  But I could see the girls looking on enviously at his gold chasuble (from India btw) so perhaps next year it will have to be Girl Bishop. Yay!

Photos were taken and permission has been given for me to share them with you. One is of J with a real Bishop. The other is J with 2 lovely Altar Servers and a very naughty priest playing her Nintendo DS.


4 thoughts on “Boy Bishop

  1. You do realise that incumbent has a duty to accompany the child bishop as he visits homes in the vicinity of the church to collect “taxes”?

    And that legend says, in lieu of visiting nearby homes, the child bishop may “tax” the incumbent for the total value that he would have otherwise collected 😉

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