A white Christmass at St Mark’s

The best laid plans, and all that jazz… A white Christmas may be romantic but it is not good for church attendance. However my little flock did really well in getting out to help get church decorated and risked life and limb and hips so the show could go on. We sort of lost the 23rd and all the plans we had because of deep snow, but did manage to rally round on Christmass eve and get it all sorted.

The Crib Service in the afternoon for children was well attended with some new visitors. The second performance of the Nativity Story was excellent, and included musical accompaniment by two of the children. This year was the first where the children did it all themselves – no adults needed for narration at all.  I was so proud of them.  Then we acted out the story again with my Nativity Finger Puppets.  And no, Elvis was not one of the Three Kings.  Nor was Paul McCartney there with Wings.  (Those answers put a certain dad on the naughty step.)  Mulled wine followed and stars were given out.

Midnight Mass was glorious as ever. I love it so much – all those candles twinkling and the congregation holding its breath in anticipation.  Of course, in all the excitement I forgot to slip the baby Jesus into my alb pocket so the crib scene was censed and adored and then during the Gloria I slipped out and slipped Him in.  I think I got away with it.

Note for next year – perhaps we don’t need quite so many candles on window sills.  My little acolytes took the best part of an hour lighting them and only just got back to the Sanctuary in time for communion. Ok, a slight exaggeration but it did mean rearranging a little bit of the choreography.

The choir did really well with depleted numbers and made me cry again with that descant. Every time.  Champagne was quaffed and visitors welcomed.

And Christmass day which is normally attended by one family only padded out with Bishop Alan’s own family, this year had loads which was a real delight. We acted out our own Christmas play and what fun that was.


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