Virtual journey round the churches

If you, like me, are snowed in and reduced to playing on the computer let me point you in these directions.

Fr Kelvin at St Mary’s Cathedral (the Glasgow one) recorded all his little fairies decorating the church on Sunday. He has speeded it up and posted it on his blog here.  It is very funny.  I liked the use of the candle snuffer to poke the fairy lights up on to the arch.

Holy Trinity Melrose has produced the most beautiful Advent painting. Many members of the congregation were given a tile to paint and when they were put together they produced a copy of the Annunciation by the Chinese artist He Qi. It really is stunning and what a great idea.

Mother-to-be (in religious terms) Nikki has been doing some wonderful O Antiphon meditations over at A Pilgrim’s Process. It is worth having a look at the others too.

OK, duty calls and some unwritten sermons demand attention. I see it is snowing again so it doesn’t look like I am going to get to church to do the photocopying any time soon.


7 thoughts on “Virtual journey round the churches

  1. Just say the same stuff. One third won’t have heard it before, one third will but will have been too p.ssed to remember and the other third want it kept traditional anyway.

    Have a good one…

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