Men only

Can anyone explain to me why the group ‘Christian Men Together for Scotland – Charlotte Chapel” will insist on writing to me addressing the letter: ‘Dear Minister / Men’s group leader’ and continues ‘This will be a Men Only event… we would ask that you let all men within your church know of the event – now, and instil in them, the vision and excitement, for the potential of all our non-Christian friends having their lives changed as a result of Tony’s visit.’  (Tony is the speaker. Once a World Kung Fu Champion and bloodthirsty, violent man, now a…. well you have to go to find out, I guess.)

The letter ends ‘We would value feedback on whether you (and/or others) would be able to make any of the above dates and would therefore appreciate if you would let the planning team know of your attendance by return email to…’

Well much as I’d love to attend, Rodney Stout, associate Pastor, I’m afraid you have prevented me from doing so by virtue of your first paragraph.  But if you have a girly night, then do let me know.

You couldn’t make this stuff up.

(By the way, the picture is not of Christian Men Together for Scotland but another bunch of churchy men.)

18 thoughts on “Men only

  1. Now, just looking at the picture, and seeing your post title, Ruth, I instantly thought “Oh, how nice – a Changing Attitude Scotland event”.

    Now I know different. Sorry. [shamefaced]

  2. I’d be interested in hearing about what your men’s group (leader Mother Ruth) actually does do if you are being sniffy about going to the baptists.

    Is it all about climbing Arthur’s Seat and having barbeques and prayer breakfasts or is it the kind of men’s group where you teach them that moisturiser is a boy’s best friend?

  3. Och, it is all whisky tasting, golf stories, knitting and the rights and wrongs of fitted shirts. We never climb or cook outdoors. But aprons may be worn indoors at the sink.

  4. I thought it was a campologists event they were advertising…… I have heard of some “Christian” churches where they don’t let women do the important stuff and where men are not allowed to love men other than in a Christian Brotherly love kind of way….. and yet they all make up their “rules” from the same book…… I think it’s called a Bibel or something similar – I just don’t understand why they are not tolerant and use the book they all claim to understand as more a set of guidelines on how you should live…… or perhaps I missed something….. I blame my education

  5. You couldn’t make this stuff up? What, people who actually believe Scripture means what it says when it speaks of male headship?

    Out of interest, many men attend your church? What would the ratio of male:female be?

  6. No Nick, if you read it again you will see I was commenting on the fact that they invited me, a woman, to a ‘men only’ event. That’s silly, no? There was no mention of what Scripture says about male headship in the letter, unless I missed something. Is this something that concerns you? I sense that it does.

  7. Never quite understood this “womens groups” “mens groups” sort of thing that evangelicals seem to be right into – you know , the “mens prayer breakfast” the “ladies bible study nights” (note they always say “ladies” and not “women” – more patronising I suppose

    Anyway, it seems to me that the other big faith group that likes to separate men and women is the Muslims. Christians fundies and islamist fundies not so different? Certainly not different when it comes to LGBT issues….

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