Death and books and rows and laughter

It has been a strange week. Sometimes in ministry we get these weeks where your emotions are up and down like a roller coaster. This has been such a week of extremes. In fact it has been an Advent week which just goes to reinforce what I preached about last Sunday – keep Advent in Advent. There will be time enough to celebrate Christmass.  (Although somebody fell out with me over that one again.)

Here’s a taster of this past week as I look back …

  • gathering stories for Helen’s funeral and looking back at an incredible woman
  • lunch with old friends and lots of jokes (none suitable for sermons!)
  • photocopying and folding
  • seeing the sadness of Borders Books as shelves were in chaos but popping in 3 times all the same, a guilty pleasure
  • another funeral and hearing more stories about love and a beauty queen
  • more Christmass cards bringing messages and laughter (thank you Grahame!)
  • designing service sheets and photocopying and folding and stapling
  • searching and searching for unbleached candles and finding the last two just in time
  • listening to stories and forgetting the Bishop’s Christmas party
  • prayers in the morning with just the coffin for company
  • snatched phone calls offering support and love
  • photocopying and praying
  • escaping for two hours to watch The Princess Bride and finding it was just what I needed (thank you Mother K!)
  • feeling useless
  • having to be the baddy again and knowing that things still won’t change
  • facing the rawness of grief
  • inhaling the delicious smell of new books
  • reaching my day off and coming to the conclusion that I will actually take it
  • just wait till I get this photocopying done…

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