The Corstorphine Road Nativity

Blog Warning !  The following may contain criticism. If this offends you, do not read on.

Lovely evening at the theatre last night with Junior Church leaders and parents and a few others thrown in for good measure. We started off over the road in The Spoon for a little snack and then off to see a play about a nativity play. Most of the actors will be known to many Scottish viewers as they either appear in Taggart, River City or Balimory, or so I was told. The actors all played the part of children aged about 7 doing a school nativity play. There were some really funny lines and observations but I must be getting old for I missed quite a bit of it because the sound was not great. In fact the sound was too loud and distorted and when the actors were speaking quickly we couldn’t quite make out what they said which was a great pity. Punchlines were often missed as we all whispered to one another, “What did they say?” and then missed the next bit! But on the whole it was amusing and a good night out.


2 thoughts on “The Corstorphine Road Nativity

  1. I was chatting to somebody else who had been to see this. Apparently the bad sound is deliberate to make it more authentic.
    You can never understand everything a 7 year old says in a real nativity play, can you?!

  2. I have a norn iron friend who felt she just hadn’t got it, because of the sound, but was reassured others had had the same problems. There’s “authentic” and there’s “not entirely helpful”.

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