Rejoice!  Good news, my little brood of vipers!  Don’t worry – be happy!  And other such joyous things.

Tis Gaudete Sunday. The day when we get to wear Rose coloured vestments. Or not, if your church doesn’t have any.  

As it happens, we don’t at St Mark’s. We may in the future but at the moment we don’t. So today, as I was preaching, I wore a rather terrific pink stole from India which a friend brought back. Not rose so much as ROSE!  Gorgeous! But is one rose stole enough for such an auspicious occasion?  No, I thought not too. So I wore my new pink shoes as well.

I could feel the presence of the shoe-police breathing down my neck but I am adamant I did no wrong. Pink shoes should be obligatory for Gaudete Sunday.  Of course I expect to hear from a certain Provost who has been known to take an interest in these matters.  But while I still live, here is a picture of the pink shoe. What’s not to love?


18 thoughts on “Gaudete!

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  2. Clarks eh!…. I’m sure, as they may not be everybodies cup of rosy lea, there will be some in the sales…..Now if you could just get your hair to match 🙂

  3. What do you mean, they won’t be everyone’s cup of tea? They are gorgeous. But I never thought of the Sales thing. Tempted to buy another pair to last me forever and ever and ever.
    And pink hair would just be silly.

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