Under attack

I appear to be under attack this week. First by germs which have taken my voice away and given me a squeak. Secondly, by some people who seem to think that I am a bad Christian for criticising some nurses.  You can read their comments after all the other ones from nurses saying I was quite right in highlighting changes in standards of nursing. I haven’t responded yet because I’ve not had time or the inclination but I will.

11 thoughts on “Under attack

  1. Have you ever seen the magnet/ greeting card that says ‘I have one nerve left, and you’re standing on it’?

    It’s not you they’re talking about. You just accidentally provided some angry people a place to vent their anger.

    I hope that you and your pink shoes can forget all about it, and let others wage wars in the comments (which you needn’t read).

    Molly just came over to offer her support. She says cvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvek *, with outstretched leg, and tail held haughty. Her typing skills need work, but the sentiment is there.

    *cut and paste from her badly placed insert

  2. Oh thank you honey. You are kind. I feel much better now. And thank you to Molly too.

    Btw, the squeak is now not a squeak but low and husky. Each word uttered is a joy and a surprise.

  3. Don’t have enough info on either side to enter into the nursing debate. However the psychology of bloggers fascinates me. It seems to be that people who blog just want other people to say “Oh yes, I quite agree” and get upset when they get comments back that disagree. That doesn’t happen in norman conversation, even with the best of friends, why do bloggers expect it from strangers?

  4. I did, of course, mean “normal conversation”, talking to people called Norman probably does result in them agreeing with you all the time.

  5. Oh not at all Agatha. Not at all. You haven’t understood blogging at all if you think that. We love debate. Or at least I do. I can’t speak for everyone of course. Blogging is all about the interaction and the comments. I needn’t have published the critical comment if I’d felt as you suggest. I could have just deleted it and nobody would have been any the wiser.

    I merely hadn’t had time to respond to it in full before others leapt in. Great fun!

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