Monday morning – morning prayer in church with a good crowd.  These regulars like to have coffee and a scone after and kindly invite me so over the road we went.  (Cafe freezing, scones too well-done and mine was very small so I don’t think we’ll be going back there again!)  Back to church at 11am to meet someone who wanted to interview me about the history of the church and take a film of it too.  I waited. And waited. No show.

Monday afternoon – waiting for a plumber to come and fix the rectory wash-hand basin plughole.  (We have a contract with Scottish Gas which covers plumbing apparently.)  Dyno-Rod eventually came and informed me it was broken. Duh!  And that the contract does not cover pop-up waste plugs.

Tuesday morning – morning prayer, a little photocopying in church, and some advice from +A.  Popped home before visiting, answered the phone only to find out that the plumber who was meant to be coming out this afternoon was on his way. Jolly good. See the plumber and then go visiting.  After an hour the plumber arrives and if I want the thing fixed he might be able to do it this afternoon – once he’s gone and bought this special fitting.  Could take a few hours. Bang goes Tuesday afternoon.

Of course the Vestry would rather I went through this process three times getting three quotes.

And they wonder why I didn’t get around to visiting.


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