Ladies who Lunch

I nearly forgot all about the Ladies who Lunch yesterday.  You see, on my day off I tend not to look at my diary but thankfully something made me look just in time to race up and meet the other 13 at the German market in Princes Street.  We only do it once a year and tradition has it that we meet for a Gluwein first and then a wander round the stalls or shops. (Mine was a Flirt – Gluwein and Amaretto – and was just delicious, thank you.)  This year we went to B’est for lunch opposite the Festival Theatre and what a great meal at a great price.  I’ll be back there again. Then back to Princes Street and M and I had a go on the Big Wheel.  It was dark by then and the lights were twinkling.

There is something quite magical about being suspended in the cold, crisp air while the lights sparkle as far as the eye can see.

So beautiful.

Then it was off to Jenners (not the same nowadays) for a wee wander as we caught up with D.  The rest had gone off in various directions – most to get the last train back when they can use their free passes!

Not sure whose idea it was to go to Harvey Nichols but off we wandered past a lovely crib scene in St Andrew’s Square where the baby Jesus appears to have arrived already.  Harvey Nicks is always fun and after a little make-up testing we decided to go up to the top floor for coffee.  Coffee changed into champagne cocktails and as the dinner restaurant was just opening all we could get to eat were chips with aioli.  What fun.  Ladies who Lunch should always end with champagne cocktails in Harvey Nicks.

It was a lovely day, catching up with old friends and hearing the news. That was really the best bit about yesterday. The places and the food (and the wine!) didn’t really matter.  What mattered was the blethering.

And so ends my first week back at work. It has been a busy one although I tried to take it easier than I normally would.  I’ve been in hospitals and I’ve been in Homes.  I’ve said Morning Prayer in church every morning with one person and with twelve people. I lost my temper at the Vestry meeting, something I’ve never done before. And I have apologised. I’ve thought and I’ve pondered and I’ve taken advice. I’ve partied with the oldies (sorry K!) but I didn’t go dancing. I moved chairs and more chairs and acted like a janitor. And now I’ve got a sermon to write… It is good to be back.


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