From darkness to light

For the past 6 weeks a group have been meeting as part of the Exploring our Faith course. This term the group were looking at the history of liturgy in the church and at the end of the term they had to design an act of worship. Being off work for 6 weeks has meant that I did the first session and then left poor +Alan to do all the rest but clearly he did an excellent job for last night the group offered a wonderful Advent service.

We started in darkness in the narthex and heard a voice in the distance (at the Advent wreath) bringing light into the darkness. The light was brought to us and we sang as we processed to the lectern for the first reading.  Then we moved to the 2nd lectern for more reading and another hymn. We listened to scripture and to why we need to reflect in these weeks before Christmass. Then we found a picture of jesus that spoke to us before moving to the star to reflect upon it. The seats were in a star shape around lots of candles which we all lit and gradually the light grew. it really was beautiful.


WE reflected on why we had picked ‘that’ Jesus and then sang a Taize chant for Advent.

The service continued with the right balance of quiet and words and music. (Love that Wachet Auf – and yes it does sound like a German curse!)

And mulled wine and cake after!

It really was a wonderful evening and such a joy for me to sit and ‘be’.  Loved the star seats, which we’ll keep for morning prayer this week, and the ever-increasing light.

So thank you little flock-group for offering yourselves and your worship to us.

PS. This is what I’ve been working on for the last week. In Hobbycraft you can buy cardboard letters which you can paint. Don’t they look good?


4 thoughts on “From darkness to light

  1. Good to see St Mark’s is going from strength to strength both spiritually and financially. Our little highland church had our “Christmas Box” fair last Saturday too, and we did well. One of the few occasions when we get together en masse outside services. Don’t go rushing back in top gear yet, Ruth, though this is not a good season to be saying that! Hope to see you all again at Christmas. Love and prayers. . .

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