Oh happy day!

Oh I can’t tell you how good it was to be back at work today. I feel as if I’ve been away for 6 months, not 6 weeks, and it was lovely to catch up with folk. It seemed appropriate to be going back at the beginning of term, as it were. (Mind you I did forget to take my correct uniform with me in all the excitement so I’m afraid the lacy alb was worn when it should have been plain. But I think I got away with it so sshhh!)

The candle was lit.

The child knew what to do.

O Come, O Come and Lo, he comes.

No 3 microphone wailed.

A little Bach Chorale to soothe the soul.

From the step a toddler solemnly watched.

Our Father who art in heaven, Harold is thy name…

Deep, deep purple satisfied.

The Body of Christ – and one was missed.

Dawn and evening celebrate your glory…

Music and muttering

Oh its good to be home.

And in all the excitement what I didn’t do was thank Bishop Alan and Fr Alex for looking after my little flock so well. It made such a difference to know they were in safe hands. Thank you boys. Put your feet up now, why don’t you? Mother’s back in charge!!

And tonight the group who were doing the Adventures in Faith course have put together a service of Darkness into Light at 6.30pm.  It is strange for me to go to something I’ve not had a hand in but I’m looking forward to it. (I don’t mind not being in control, really!)


7 thoughts on “Oh happy day!

  1. Welcome back, Ruth. But remember what +Bruce said when he was discharged by the medics: he was told, ‘I can give you a green light, but don’t exceed the speed limit!’ Good advice, I think.

  2. Thank you, thank you. it is good to be back and I seem to be getting energy from somewhere which I definitely didn’t have last week. Energy from being with people, I think!

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