Gay Bishop?

Does this mean we can have a gay Bishop then?  Hurrah!


7 thoughts on “Gay Bishop?

  1. Well no. It means that churches cannot discriminate against gay organists or cleaners and it might mean that “Christian” counselling organisations run by churches can’t refuse to employ a gay counsellor.

    It is a step forward, but it actually has nothing to do with bishops. Clergy come into a different set of exemptions.

    However, it may be that the discrimination against gay people being nominated for the episcopate is already illegal. Our bishops may already be breaking the law. I am convinced that they are acting uncanonically in any event.

  2. Oh that’s a pity. Although I do think every church should have at least one gay organist or cleaner, don’t you?

    I can see this might be a problem for ‘Christian’ counselling for some have been known to try to counsel gay people out of their gayness. What would happen if the counsellors were gay? Lordy!

  3. Having one gay organist or cleaner could be awkward her. Until recently there was one youth who has never darkened the doors of any religious establishment who was reputed to be the only gay in the village, but now two men have rented a cottage together, but I don’t think they go to church either.

  4. What I mean is that we wouldn’t be able to find a gay organist or cleaner – not that s/he wouldn’t be welcome. I honestly think that in our congregation that it wouldn’t be an issue, though it might be elsewhere in the group of parishes and it would have been eleven years ago with my predecessor as churchwarden who when interviewing a bachelor priest asked straight out “Are you a poofter?’

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