A tale of a TV

We have a rather lovely and fancy TV. If you want technical information I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong place, but it is black and shiny and has a flat screen.  The picture is jolly good too and that might be because it is digital?  I think. When it arrived we had a bit of bother setting it up so only have channels when the Cable is plugged in. Which is such a pity now that the Cable is not working.  If we had taken the time while we had the instruction booklet to sort out the 5 major channels as well as the Cable thingummy then we wouldn’t be reduced to watching TV on a small purple portable now, would we?

Of course I did phone the Fault Department when it all went tits up at 10pm last night. Strangely enough the same thing happened last Monday at 10pm but that time it re-booted itself and merrily went on its way showing all the channels. This time it re-booted and then flickered off and on and off an on and off and … you get the picture. Well, lucky you because we didn’t.

The Fault Department appears to be somewhere in India and my contact there was charming, if a little distant. He suggested we re-boot it. It did it itself, says me. Try checking the cable is in properly. Yes, that was the first thing I thought of too. Hold on, he said. A long pause ensued while I listened to disco music. When he returned it was to say that someone would try and fix it at their end in the next 24 hours and if that doesn’t work I’ve to phone back and they’ll get someone out.  So far, no joy.  Looks like we’ll be huddled round the 12 incher tonight whilst hunting for those blasted instructions.


10 thoughts on “A tale of a TV

  1. Sorry but this one can not be allowed to pass…..
    There will be many jealous ladies (and possibly gents) reading your last sentence – I think you mentioned it was purple too …..

  2. Ruth to save you from anymore 12″ purple embarrassment, whatever all that is about. You could feed the make and model of your TV into Google and find an online instruction book so that you can tune in to terrestrial TV until you get your cable fixed.

    • It depends on your reception area, but you would need an aerial input of somekind. I expect your big black shiny TV has Freeview built in and that would give you many options if your cable system goes down again.

  3. Try calling the Fault People during the day. I got a very nice English lady on Monday when I called to ask them to give me back all my channels after being re-connected in my new place. They re-connected me, just didn’t give me all the channels I normally have.

  4. Thanks Cliff. I’ll worry about that another day! The Virgin man came and it was the fault of the black box. Now have a new one and subsequently have lost all the things I’d recorded and not watched. You’d think in this day and age there was some way of backing up somehow.

    • I will make no comment on the intactum status of your man, except I suppose I just did! But there is a way of backing up – you can use a DVD, but thats not much use to you now the Virgin has run off with your Black Box. I just hope that there is no headline in the Sunday’s “Found on Mother Ruth’s Black Box!”

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