Beware of the tram

Edinburgh continues to be a driving nightmare as routes change from day to day.  Bus stops disappear just to keep us on our toes. However I read that Princes Street will be open again to traffic from the first Sunday in Advent. We’ll see.


On the subject of the tram, I also read that

On-street, the trams can travel up to 30mph, reaching a maximum of 50mph off-street.

Off-street? What’s that? The pavement?



10 thoughts on “Beware of the tram

  1. There is enough danger in being a pedestrian on the pavements these days with cyclists, mobility scooters, and luggage on wheels, to say nothing of Other People, without adding fast, off-street trams!!

  2. I don’t get this whole Tram thing. I could feel some enthusiasm for it if Edinburgh were reinstating electric or better still horse drawn trams, but as I understand it this scheme has wrecked the City for years and at the end of it we will have diesel buses that just happen to run on tracks!

  3. Normally with light rail, “off-street” means the tracks are on their own separated right-of-way, looking very much like a conventional railway.

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